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Update on the FB alt account: it's out of verification limbo (even though it was very obviously an alt account), so? https://t.co/v1aq2j2idK
1 day ago
Seems the Facebook account I made to connect to my @oculus account later got disabled, so no way I'm buying a Quest? https://t.co/MfNje8x0K7
5 days ago
The @oculus Quest 2 arrived at my workplace so I picked one up to bring to the home office. First impression: CLARI? https://t.co/nqWYB8VVXw
7 days ago
Hey @oculus, you guys at FB didn't really think this through did you? I don't think I'll buy a Quest 2 until I know? https://t.co/yqzQwZ8gKY
1 week ago