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Posted by Clavus, January 25 2014 14:17

Another Ludum Dare game. Balance your one-wheeled motorcycle to the end of the track! You can find it on my projects page.

Four Bombs added to the project page
Posted by Clavus, September 25 2013 22:46

During the last Ludum Dare game jam I made a game titled "Four Bombs". It's about defusing a set of bombs in rapid succession. Details and download on my projects page :)

New website launched!
Posted by Clavus, July 6 2013 19:20

It's been in development for nearly a year, but I'm finally satisfied enough with its current state to make it public. This website (clavusaurus.net) will replace my old one at clavusstudios.nl to serve as a showcase for my projects.

The goal was to create a modern and efficiently build website. To do this, I looked for a PHP framework that'd suite my needs. My previous website was build on barebones PHP, and any web developer can tell you that's pretty terrible. I eventually found CodeIgniter. Sleek, easy to use and plenty of features.

The main visual style is something I pondered over for a long time. I'm not much of a graphics designer, but at the same time I didn't want to look like a flat-color-helvetica portfolio website. In the end I settled for the style you see now. It's unique, functional yet playful. I wanted it to represent my career as game developer, which is why I added the animated scenes in the header (eventually I want to make a different scene for every main page). These are drawn using the HTLM5-powered KineticJS library.

I'll probably keep adjusting and tinkering with this website for the forseeable future, but I'm glad it's finally presentable.

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Nobody told me there's a live cam on the ISS http://t.co/LZP8TFGn0c
1 day ago
Ah the lovely sound of drilling... right outside your office door.
2 days ago
Setting up Chromecast. It's pretty damn neat :O
3 days ago