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Restoring website
Posted by Clavus, July 19 2014 23:36

Sadly my website went down for a while due to a server hardware failure. The backups were corrupt so I lost my database. I managed to find and restore an old copy eventually, but a lot of my projects aren't listed right now. Working on renewing my website once again!

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500 games collected in just over 10 years. That's pretty much one game per week, 10 years straight!
8 minutes ago
Just hit 500 Steam games thanks to a random Santa in my friend's list gifting me Final Fantasy XIII http://t.co/EvxWJwWylS
10 minutes ago
Is the idea of a Telltale Minecraft game weird? Good. Welcome to games. That such an on-paper stupid idea is being attempted is wonderful.
2 days ago